Cement – The Hidden Killer

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3 Responses

  1. Generally I do not read posts on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up encouraged me to check out and do so! Your writing tastes amaze me. Thanks, very nice post.

  2. Hoy Hawkins says:

    I’ve recently began considering radical eco-changes from outside the proverbial box- and assuredly outside the global warming think tank box. To the point- A satellite snapped a photo of Atlanta, Ga some ten yrs ago. It was a humid day in July/Aug. The photo showed a created cloud over the city where there were no clouds within a 100 mile radius of the city. NASA assumed this created cloud was formed from city asphalt and concrete surface temperature reflections. Surface automobile parking accommodations were the apparent main culprits. In addition these surface concrete and asphalt slabs were stifling soil hydro displacements, enzymatic soil nutrient cycles, and a host of related soil-eco inter-dependencies. To the point again- Where can I find data, blogs, forum web sites, books, and general interest on this very important eco-topic? Our city has a very large amount of slab layered asphalt and concrete in disuse and no one is making an effort for removal. There are trees adjacent to almost every slab perimeter that would give anything to make communication with the trapped soil nutrients. Please help- you can even e-mail me

  3. chriscrews says:

    Hi Hoy,

    There are a number of places you could turn, depending on your interests. It would help to know a little more about what exactly interested you? Is it something to do with atmospheric pollution and ways to reduce that? Is it about urban greening projects to reduce pollutants from urban centers? Is it about alternative surface options for parking lots and urban structures?

    One or two places you might look into for starters include:

    Urban Green Council: http://urbangreencouncil.org
    Tree People: http://www.treepeople.org/learn
    Rethink Urban: http://rethinkurban.com
    100 Resilient Cities: http://www.100resilientcities.org
    Center for Resilient Cities: http://www.resilientcities.org

    You might also check out these books: