The future of law enforcement?

NYPD Announces ‘Strategic Response Group’ to Suppress Protests   Updated !

This past Thursday (1/29) the New York Police Foundation held their annual ‘State of the NYPD’ breakfast event, in which NY Police Commissioner William Bratton gave his update on law enforcement issues across the city. Of particular note was his mention of plans to create a new “Strategic Response Group” or SRG, to deal with what Bratton called “events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris.” For obvious […]


AAR 2015 Call for Papers

Well, it’s that time of year again. The American Academy of Religion has just announced their 2015 call for papers (CFP) for this year’s conference, which will take place from Nov 21-24 in Atlanta, GA. If you’re an East Coaster like me, this is extra good news, since travel costs will be much lower. Sadly I had to miss last year’s conference due to a last minute illness, although I did still make a virtual […]

Peoples Climate March NYC 2014

Religious Studies Can Help Save the Planet

My latest post over at the State of Formation blog was recently featured, engaging with a recent post by Ivan Strenski about the latest American Academy of Religion (AAR) conference. Here’s the opening paragraph below. Recently UC Riverside Religious Studies professor Ivan Strenski published a piece on the Religion Dispatches blog with a provocative question: can religion professors save the planet? He was responding to the American Academy of Religion’s (AAR) Annual Conference which took […]

A huge crowd at the “Sea of Blue” pro-police rally in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 27, 2014 © WOIO |

A Crowd of Whites, A Sea of Blue

Well, my latest post reflecting on the Sea of Blue pro-police rally here in Cleveland just got published on Public Seminar. Here is the opening paragraph. This past week hundreds of residents gathered in downtown Cleveland for a “Sea of Blue” rally to show support for police officers and law enforcement official across the nation. The rally, held in Public Square in response to the recent shooting of two NYPD officers and to counter months […]

Rockaway Beach NY_Sandy 10.31.2012

Political Reform or Walking Dead

Thanks to some debates that have been taking place in recent weeks, especially those focused on questions of climate change and social justice, it has become increasingly clear that we need to start talking about the US education system as one of the parties responsible for our current cultural malaise. This disease is fueled by an increasingly hostile and reactionary form of cultural politics, originating largely from the white middle class, in response to various […]

One of Gustave Doré's (1832-1883) illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy.

An Open Letter to White America

Friends, citizens, lend me your ears. An evil shrouds this great land called America. It lurks behind doors and walks freely in every street and town. It whispers from our textbooks and it stalks us in our dreams. This specter is growing bolder with each passing day, and soon it will try to devour us all. The specter that I speak of is white supremacy, and it is slowly tearing the world apart, piece by […]

Humla Woman Stacking Hay

Images from Humla   Updated !

So I finally got around to going through most of my photos from Nepal. I still have a bit more to review, but based on a first pass, I was able to narrow the trip down to about 150 photos, which is not bad for a month-long trip that generated a huge amount of visual materials. Sadly some of the photos I was most looking forward to seeing from the monasteries turned out poorly, due […]